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Aluminium Foil

Selling cheap aluminum foil

 Aluminum foil is an insulation material designed with a shiny surface, so that it can reflect heat. This product is widely used for various insulation applications both in construction, piping and even automotive.
Aluminum foil is specifically designed to reflect solar heat radiation up to 95%, so that the space under the building remains cool and comfortable. It is suitable to prevent evaporation and avoid leakage. Can be used for roof and wall insulation. Aluminum foil is also known as polyfoil. This product has two types, namely:
 - Double-side aluminum foil
 - Single-sided aluminum foil

Polyfoil can be widely used with mineral wool, rock wool, glass wool, plain slabs and ceiling boards. Application for roof insulation, wall insulation for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The price of aluminum foil varies depending on size and type. Its use is common in Indonesia, to get a stable temperature because this product can ward off heat.
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