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Bubble Foil

Selling aluminum foil bubbles at cheap prices

Bubble foil or aluminum foil bubble is one of the insulation materials that is widely applied for various needs, one of which is the insulation of the roof of the building, so that the temperature inside it becomes more stable and not hot. Aluminum foil bubble is commonly used in Indonesia, because of its advantages that can be felt, including:
1. Clean and does not contain harmful ingredients.
2. The material is very light so it's easy to install.
3. Not easily torn / damaged.
4. Not easy to leak.
5. Resistant to extreme humidity and weather changes.
6. Do not spread fire
7. More durable and durable.

The price of aluminum bubble foil is quite cheap, so this product can be used as a solution as an insulator against heat on the roof of the building. This bubble foil does not require roofmesh in its installation so it is more practical and easier.
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