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Selling foam glass at cheap prices

Foam foam is a polyfoam foam that is used as a pipe insulation material. This product has bouncy characteristics and is able to reduce heat, making it suitable for piping needs. Produced from hydrous calcium silicate material which is able to withstand heat up to 1200 ° F (649 ° C).

Foamglass Advantages:

1. Resistant to high temperatures, both steam and liquid.
2. Non-corrosive and will not support corrosion.
3. Non-flammable
4. Resistant to chemical reactions.
5. Material has good compressive strength.
6. Resistant to pests and microbes.

Foam foam can generally be used for both hot and cold pipes. We only provide pipe shaped foamglass, available in various diaemter pipes and thickness of 2.5 cm and also 5 cm in diameter can be requested as needed.
Please contact us for detailed information.
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