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Selling rockwool at cheap prices

 Rockwool is an insulation material produced from lightweight mineral fibers that have been processed and produced as heat and sound-absorbing materials. The use of rockwool is common in Indonesia, especially for pipe insulation and building roofs. Rockwool has bouncy characteristics and is able to withstand vibration / sound well. This product has a thickness varying around 25 mm - 50 mm with a density of 25 g / cm3 - 75 g / cm3. Rockwool sound dampening material is sold freely in the form of roll or sheet.
Rockwool products that we sell include:
 - Rockwool ABR
 - Rockwool Tombo
 - Rockwool Gazette
 - Rockwool Firerock

Rockwool prices vary depending on size. Its use is common in Indonesia. In addition, rockwool is easy to install so it becomes a solution for the needs of sound dampening and heat.
We also provide various other insulation materials according to your needs.
Please contact us for detailed information.
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